On Beyond
Sunday School

Exploring the First Level Beyond Your Sunday School Book


On Beyond Sunday School is looking for families who would be interested in participating in a beta study of Isaiah for Families. It will feature between 50 and 100 emails distributed once or twice per week over the course of a year. Each e-mail release will be a passage of Isaiah presented in Bible Story format. The emphasis will be on the stories, and not on the exegesis. In addition to the story-text, each release will contain professionally designed graphics, and family activities that reinforce the events of the story.

The ideal participating family will have at least two children between the ages of 5 and 13, the ages and number of children being flexible. The family should also be able to attest that they have a working family devotional structure already in place.

We are planning a September 2014 beginning to Isaiah For Families. To indicate interest in participating, respond through the Contact Us tab of this web site.